Q: Do you carry local channels?
Of course! We carry channels 2 (KTVI-FOX), 4 (KMOV-CBS), 5 (KSDK-NBC), 11 (KPLR-WB), 30 (KDNL-ABC), and 46 (WRBU-UPN) out of St. Louis, as well as Channel 8 (WSIU-PBS) from Carbondale and 13 (WPXS-PAX) from Mt. Vernon. Most are received via satellite, so the picture quality is always sharp and clear.

Q: What cable networks do you carry?
Too many to list here! We have 88 channels on our expanded basic tier, and a complete listing of these channels is available by stopping by our office at 123 East Main in Salem, or on our website here.

Q: Do you carry Fox Sports Midwest?
Quite possibly our most asked question. The answer: Yes! Follow the Cardinals, the Blues, regional college match-ups and more, while staying on top of the latest sports news from across the region and the country with Fox Sports Midwest.

Q: I don’t see my favorite channel listed. Can you get it?
At US SONET, we are always open to the suggestions of our customers. If you have a channel you’d like to see added to our lineup, please call our office at 548-6909. If enough interest is generated toward a particular channel, we will do what we can to add it.

Q: Do I need a box or any other kind of additional equipment to receive your cable TV?
No additional equipment is required to receive our basic 88 channels. Just plug in the coaxial cable and turn it on! A set-top box is required to view Digital Tier channels, Premium Movie channels, and High Definition.

Q: How many TV’s can I use with your service, and what extra charges are there for multiple TV’s?
You can split our signal as many times as you like and watch something different on each TV; however, you could begin experiencing a degraded signal after four to six splits. US SONET uses your existing cable TV/satellite wiring to connect to the fiber optic network. For our basic 88 channels, there is no extra charge for additional sets. For Digital Tier channels, Premium Movie channels, and Pay-Per-View, a set-top box is required for each TV you wish to view those channels on. The first box is included in your monthly charge; additional boxes are an extra $5.00 per month. For High Definition programs you need a High Definition set top box which is $20.00 per month. The PVR HD Set Top box is $25.00 per month.

Q: What is the “Digital Tier?”
US SONET’s Digital Tier consists of 17 extra channels, including children’s, music, sports, and special interest channels. Our Digital Tier also includes 45 channels of digital audio music from DMX. The tier is available for an extra $11.99 per month.

Q: Isn’t $12.99 a little high for a Premium Movie channel?
For $12.99 a month, you don’t just get one or two Premium Movie channels. That $12.99 gets you 26 channels of Starz and Encore, or 18 channels of Showtime & The Movie Channel. Or, for $21.99 a month, you can get 26 channels of HBO and Cinemax.

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